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We specialize in building the most engagingFantasy Sports, Crypto Market, Stock Market, iGaming and Sports Fan Engagement experiences

What is Victorious Club?

Victorious Club is a Contest Platform. We built a WordPress plug-in so you can easily build a gaming website. You can create a contest about anything, such as sports, e-sports, crypto/stock market performance, political elections, TV shows, Movie box office performance, Music competitions and more!  Use it for any niche!

They are 2 ways to be part of the Club.

1) Download our White Label Fantasy Sports Plug-in and away you go!

2) Contact us for a more personal experience. Let us help you build your site.

With your membership you can subscribe to automated data feeds for all major leagues around the world. We integrate any sport, multiple game formats and connect with any payment gateway. We also sell Victorious WordPress Themes.

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Contact Us

Email: Support@Victorious.Club

Phone: 416-779-6969

Our Offerings

1) White-Label Fantasy Sports WordPress Plugin

The standard membership will allow access to our feature rich fantasy plugin for WordPress.

The fantasy plugin for WordPress allows you to run your own fantasy contests. It supports multiple game types and payment gateways already. It’s as simple as sign up, download the plugin, install the plugin, set a few configurations and you’re all set to host your own fantasy sports website. Its that easy! Get up and running in minutes.

You can set up your own sports, teams, schedules, players, player positions, scoring categories, updates and more! There are NO limitations.

You can also subscribe to Real Time sport data feeds that automate all the tedious work of updating the system.  We support all major and minor sport leagues from around the world. 

The Premium membership comes with the same functionality as the standard membership and has a LOT more features. Free premium feature updates and upgrades are included.

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2) Custom Fantasy Sports Solutions


Get more customized solutions for ideas that are unique and innovative. We will build your website and mobile application to your specifications.

Our system allows for easy configuration.  We have an open API to integrate with third party services.

Use our system to host your own fantasy platform. Put your logo, colors and text. Let us do all the heavy lifting.

We love to talk about new ideas and put words into action. We our is very experienced in delivering high end websites and applications for our members.



fantasy sports custom solutions

Fan Engagement Solutions



Let us collaborate with you on your next big idea. We can create any game and implement any feature requested. Work with our engineers to expand the functionality of the platform.

fantasy sports custom solutions


Our Advantages

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Various Sports and Gametypes

Victorious Club supports major and minor sports leagues from around the world. We have a many game types supported out of the box.  Have a new idea?  Let us build your dream into reality.

Live Updates Integration

We have live scoring for automated and non-automated sports.  Got a source you need integrated into the system?  We can integrate any third party stats to help build your game.

Our Work

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Challenge friends and players around the world

Play against the best in all the major sports, crypto/stock market, old timers NFL and other innovative game types.

Play at https://Play.Victorious.Club




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Join the Club!

Become a  sports fantasy operator. Use our platform to host your public or private games. No limits. Pay just for a yearly membership. No commission.