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Automated Data Feeds to Power your Fantasy Sports Website

Victorious Club provides Sports Data Feeds API solutions. We offer Live Score API, Live Game Stats Feeds, Historical Data, Pre-match and In-play data API for all major sports and leagues. 

But wait….it gets even better!!!

Victorious Club have integrated their Real Time Sport Data feeds directly with their WordPress Fantasy Sports Plug-in.

It is the Ultimate White Label Fantasy Sports Solution. Everything works togethers seamlessly.  No coding, no getting different companies to work together, it all works here with one world class solution.

Features that deliver a new age fantasy sports experience.

Let your users feel the game.

How Does it Work?

Its simple.

The Victorious Club plugin is a powerful tool for creating and administering fantasy sports contests. With Victorious Club, you can easily set up a contest for any sport, TV show, movie, or other event that you want to create a fantasy league around.

Once you install the plugin and set up your contest, participants can sign up and create their own teams, using real-life players or characters. They can then compete against each other based on the real-world performance of those players or characters.

Victorious Club makes it easy to manage your fantasy league, with features like automated data feeds for real-time player stats, support for multiple payment gateways, and a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily track participant progress and manage payments.

In addition to offering support for major sports like NFL football, NBA basketball, and MLB baseball, Victorious Club also allows you to create contests for niche sports and events, like horse racing or esports tournaments.

With Victorious Club, you have the power to create engaging and exciting fantasy contests that will keep participants coming back for more. Sign up today and start creating your own fantasy leagues!

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Sports Data Coverage

Victorious Club sports data feed coverage includes all major leagues and sports worldwide. Detailed data coverage available for many popular leagues. Feed include live score data, live fantasy stats data, bookmaker pregame and in-play odds.

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Soccer Stats
US Sports Stats
Golf Stats
Horse Racing Stats
eSports Stats
Motor Sports Stats
Tennis Stats
NFL Real Time Stats
NBA Stats
MLB Stats
Hockey Stats
AFL Stats
Rugby Stats
Handball Stats
Volleyball Stats
Cricket Stats
Full Package

Only Pay For What You Need

Some games like Pick Em game don't require real time stats, therefore you save on your monthly subscription costs.

Real Time Stats

If you need real time stats for any off the 600+ leagues we offer, you can be assured we got you covered with all the industry standard data points.

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Crypto Market and Stock Market Data

We've developed a state of the art user interface to make it easier for users to compete in Crypto Market Fantasy and Stock Market Fantasy games. We use real time data to create an investors dream experience.

Victorious Club Lobby

Crypto and Multiple Currency Support

Together with the Victorious Club Plugin + Crypto Market Data/Stock Market Data you can deliver a fun and excited experience to your users.

An easy to use fantasy sports software


One platform for all geographies. Manage any currency and operate in different time zones.

Multi platform availability

Use it as a desktop website, mobile website or native mobile application ensuring high availability.

Massive scalability

Ability to handle massive number of concurrent users and provide seamless experience to all.

We make fantasy sports applications that are fun and social

Quick and Easy Turnkey Solution

We created our white label solution to offer a platform that can be quickly operational. Get your entire business set up in just a few easy steps. We also provide regular updates to add new features to your business.

Multiple Revenue / Profit Options

Our fantasy sports platform offers you several easy to advanced revenue generation tools and models within the platform. You can customize currency, league fees and transaction fees.

Benefits of Victorious Club

  • Low Cost and fast to market ( minutes! )
  • Already developed game types ( +15 )
  • All major and minor leagues supported
  • Do it yourself or we do it for you!
  • Automated White label turn key solution
  • certified code and FREE upgrades
  • Native Android and iOS apps available
  • No Revenue share
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • 10+ years of iGaming experience

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Buy Now $27 USD / month

 Get instant access to WordPress Plug-in

Go Premium! $47 USD / month

Get instant access to WordPress Plug-in + Unlock premium features + VIP support

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