Rules and How to Play

How To Play

Victorious Club is a sports prediction competition where the contestants are competing against each other in daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal tournaments.

It is a level playing field, as there is a fixed entry into the tournaments and no re-buys. Players exchange their entry fee for credits, and all players start with the same credits.

From the beginning of the tournament until the end, it is at the players’ discretion to decide how much they want to risk and how often to risk it.

All players have the same options to choose from (money-line, spread, over / under) and have the same options on how to use them (straight bet, parlay, etc)

You can track how you are doing against your fellow players on the leader-board page. At the end of the tournament, the top 10 with the most credits will be awarded cash prizes !

Table for distribution : 

Sample purses shown :  Victorious Club does take a commission for hosting and servicing the tournament. The prize pool is split according to the grid below. 

Place Percent Prize pool $1,000,000
1st  25% $250, 000
2nd 17% $170, 000
3rd 12% $120, 000
4th 10% $100, 000
5th 9% $90, 000
6th 6.5% $65, 000
7th 6% $60, 000
8th 5.5% $55, 000
9th 5% $50, 000
10% 4% $40, 000

Terminology: Some of you might be new to this so here is a brief intro for new players

Value / Odds 

What does -110, +155, -500, +1000 mean? 

When you are in your prediction portal you will see the value or odds listed for every option that is available.

If you risked 110 of your credits on a sporting event where the odds were -110. This would mean that if your selection won, you will get a return of 210 credits. (Your initial 110 credits plus an additional 100 for the win). Therefore, -110 means that risking 110 credits will produce a win amount of 100 credits. A losing selection would result in a loss of the initial risk of 110 credits. Most spread and over /  under options are listed at -110.

If you risked 110 of your credits on an event where the odds +500. This would mean that if your selection won, you will get a return of $660. ( Your initial credits plus an addition 550 for the win. Therefore, +500 means a 5x win amount. A losing selection would result in a loss of the initial risk of 110 credits.

Game options

MoneylineNice and simple ! If you select this option, the team you select has to win the game in order for you to win you credits.

Over / Under –  Will it be a higher scoring game or a low scoring team?

If you select this option, you are predicting whether the total score of the game (usually the combined score of both teams) will go over OR under a predetermined number.

For example: if the over / under was set at 56 and you selected Over 56. The total of the game must be 57 or higher for you to get credited with the win. If it was exactly 56, you get your initial risk returned.

If you selected Under 56, the total of the game must be 55 or less. If it was exactly 56, you get your initial risk returned.

Spreads –  Is it going to be a blowout or a close game?

The team you select must “cover the spread.” This means the team must win or not lose by a predetermined margin of points.

For example:

If you selected a team that was +6. For you to win this selection the team you chose has not come within 6 points of the final score. If it is exactly 6 then it is considered a push and you get your initial risk returned. If they win the game outright you do get credited with the win at the same value as the spread (-110)

If you selected a team that was -6. For you to win this selection the team you chose has to win by at least 6 points or more. If it is exactly 6 then it is considered a push and you get your initial risk returned.

Types of selections 

What is a single or straight selection vs combinations / parlays selections? 

Single or straight selections : this means that your risk is just dependent on the one event chosen.

For example in the NFL: If you selected the New England Patriots at -6 at -110 and they did win by 7 or more points then you would be returned with 210 credits.

Combination or parlays:

A parlay is a group of straight bets or totals combined into one bet. For the parlay to be a winner, all of the individual parts of the parlay need to win. Since all selections do have to be winners (2 or more) the return amount will be greater than a single or straight selection.

Combination or parlay selections range from 2 teams all the way to 10 teams

Contest Description

Victorious Club Competition


Victorious Club is a sports entertainment competition where contestants compete against one another in daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal tournaments by accumulating credits.

Each contestant begins with an equal number of credits and each contestant is limited to a single fixed entry for a given tournament. Once a tournament begins, contestants can choose to allocate their credits to certain types of predictions.

If a contestant’s prediction is correct, they receive a certain number of credits in addition to the return of their allocated credits. If a contestant’s prediction is incorrect, they lose the credits they had allocated to that prediction.

Throughout the duration of a tournament, contestants have complete discretion with respect to how many predictions they make and how many credits they allocate towards said predictions. Prizes will be allocated to the ten (10) contestants with the greatest number of credits at the conclusion of each tournament.



The Contest shall operate in accordance with the following rules:


“Contest” means any Victorious Club tournament;

“Credit” or “Credits” means any denomination of electronic credits issued by Victorious Club;

“Entrant” or “Entrants” means any individual or individuals, as the case may be, who participate in a Contest;

“Free-Entry Token” means any single-use voucher issued by Victorious Club allowing an individual to enter one (1) Contest without purchasing Credits;

“Prediction” or “Predictions” means any prediction submitted to Victorious Club by an Entrant during a Contest which complies with said Contest’s rules;

“Prediction Deadline” means five (5) minutes before the scheduled time for the initiation of play for the game, or earliest game in the case of a series of games, to which a Prediction relates;

“Registration Deadline” means five (5) minutes before the scheduled initiation time for a given Contest;

“Review Period” means one (1) day following the conclusion of play a given game; and

“Website” is defined in Victorious Club’s Terms of Use.


1. Winning a Contest is dependent upon the skill of the Entrant to earn Credits by correctly making a Prediction or a series of Predictions.

2. No Entrant may enter the same Contest more than once. For greater clarity, this rule prohibits Entrants from re-entering a Contest from which they have previously been eliminated.

3. During a Contest, an Entrant may make as many Predictions (on the condition that they then possess sufficient Credits to submit the Prediction) or as few Predictions as they see fit.

4. An Entrant is eliminated from a Contest as soon as they have zero (0) Credits and zero (0) undecided Predictions remaining.

5. The ten (10) Entrants with the greatest number of Credits at the end of a Contest win prizes. The prizes will be awarded and distributed to winning Entrants in accordance with Victorious Club’s Terms of Use.

6. Prior to the Registration Deadline, Entrants must register for the Contest in order to be participate and be eligible for a prize.

7. Upon registration, Entrants will either: (a) apply the requisite number of Credits to enter a Contest; or (b) redeem a Free-Entry Token to enter a Contest. An individual will be issued a Free-Entry Token when: (i) the individual has posted original sports-related content on his or her Instagram® account; (ii) the individual has tagged Victorious Club (@[NTD:Victorious Club handle]) in such post; and (iii) such post has received, in the aggregate, [NTD: required number of likes/shares] likes and shares on Instagram®. There is no required minimum number of Entrants for any Contest.

8. If any game scheduled to be played during a Contest is cancelled, not considered official by its governing body, or postponed to a week other than the week in which the Contest takes place, the affected Entrants shall have any Credits associated their affected Prediction(s) returned to them as if the affected Prediction(s) were never made by the Entrant. If the results of a partially-completed game are considered official by the sport’s governing body, Victorious Club will assess on a case-by-case basis whether affected Predictions will be considered official for the purposes of the Contest.

9. Victorious Club will be responsible for keeping track of scores during a Contest. Live scoring statistics that appear on the Website during the Contest period are subject to change and should be considered unofficial. Official score changes can occur throughout the day following the end of the Contest period. Scores will not be considered official until after the Review Period.

10. The summary of the Contest stated above does not form part of the rules of the Contest and should not be relied upon.

11. It is prohibited for two (2) or more Entrants to collaborate during a Contest or to adopt a strategy (before or during a Contest) in order to gain an advantage and/or harm other Entrants.

12. By entering a Contest, Entrants acknowledge and accept all of Victorious Club’s Terms of Use and agree to be bound by the Contest’s rules.

13. Each Contest, and each Entrant’s participation in a Contest, shall be governed by all applicable Victorious Club agreements including, without limitation, Victorious Club’s Terms and Conditions, Victorious Club’s Privacy Policy, and the FAQs appearing on the Website (collectively, the “Victorious Club Agreements”).  The Contest’s rules are hereby incorporated into the Victorious Club Agreements, and any and all terms and conditions contained therein shall apply to these rules. Where there is a conflict between other Victorious Club Agreements and a Contest’s rules, the Contest’s rules shall govern in all respects.

14. Victorious Club, in its sole and absolute discretion, may disqualify any Entrant before or after the Registration Deadline. All Credits applied to the Contest by an Entrant who is disqualified by Victorious Club will be refunded in full. However, if Victorious Club determines that the Entrant violated the Victorious Club Agreements, including the Contest’s rules, the Entrant’s Credits will be forfeited.

15. Victorious Club reserves the right to, at any time and from time to time, amend the Registration Deadline and the Prediction Deadline for any Contest, or to cancel or amend the Contest in case of error, technical problem or any matter interfering with the conduct of the Contest. In the event the Contest in canceled in accordance with this provision, all Credits applied to the Contest by an Entrant will be refunded in full and no prize will be awarded.

16. The Contest is strictly for entertainment purposes and is not to be used in connection with any form of gambling.

17. The Contest is subject to all federal, provincial and municipal laws.