Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Product Description

With over a decade of experience in online fantasy sports gaming, our mission continues, which is to be A World Class Provider of Wholesale Private Label Fantasy Gaming Services.

Victorious Club is a re-born platform built from the ground up.

We live by the credo "our partners" success is our success.

Our products are our refection of our vision and passion for Fantasy Sports and Cool Technology. 

Victorious Club

The Lobby Page - Default Landing Page


Once logged in, the end user is sent to the lobby page.


The lobby page is where all the contests are listed.



From here the user can select the contests to enter.

Victorious Club Lobby
Victorious Club History Entries Page

From the menu, a user can access their contests on three pages:


  • My Live Games: This page will have a list of all the games the user is involved in that are live. It is updated automatically. A user can watch this screen during a live event and watch themselves climb the leader-board in Real Time.
  • My Upcoming Games: This page will have a list of all the games the user will be involved in the future.
  • My History Games: This page will have a list of all the games the user has ever played.

Account Information Page

The system comes complete with payment management built in for the end user. They can deposit, withddrawal, review transactions and much more.

Victorious Club My Account Page
Victorious Club Fantasy Pick Page

Pick Selection Page

On this page users are able to draft their team. They can easily search by game or position.


The player salary calculator will let the user know how much they are allowed to spend.

 Real Time Injury statuses and player statistics all provided in real time.






Create Contest Page - The admin can turn this ability on or off for end users.  End users can have the ability to create contests.   They have to name a contest and set some settings.

Victorious Club Create Contest Page