Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Plugin for WordPress supports a wide variety of game types.  A game type is a contest that have specific rules and is played a particular way. Below are the game types that the Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Plugin for WordPress supports.  If you have an idea for your own game type, we can build it for you.

Contact us at support@Victorious.Club or 416-779-6969.






Player Draft – This game type is the traditional Fantasy Sports game type.  This game is based on the individual player performance.  Participants select individual players, ( could be based on a salary or not) and create a roster. Participants earn points as the player they pick perform during the game. this game type allows users to buy players from the list and draft a team. After it’s done user may compete with other users and their teams. Team with the most points at the end of the contest wins.

Victorious Club Fantasy Player Draft Game Type
Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Pick 'em Game Type





Pick’em – Participants earn points by predicting the Victor of each game. There are no spreads in this game type.  Simple select who will win the game out right.  Earn points for each correct selection. The user with the most points wins!



Ultimate Pick’em – This is a Victorious Club Fantasy Sports exclusive game type.  In this game type participants of the contest need to select 3 things.

1) Who will win out right

2) Who will win against the spread

3) Predict the Over/Under

Users get points for each correct prediction. The user with the most points at the end of the contest is declared the winner.

Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Ultimate Pick Em Game Type
Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Sportsbook Game Type




Fantasy Sportsbook – This is another Victorious Club Fantasy Sports exclusive game type. This game type simulates sportsbook betting but in fantasy format. Participants of the contest get $1000 of play money to make bets with. Players each points when their bet is correct. The player with the most play money at the end of the contest wins the contest!





Pick Squares – In this game type participants will see 100 white numbers squares with numbers inside. Once the game is finished, count the last digit of the final game result. E.g. Team1 – 96 VS Team2 – 88. So the final score is 96:88 and the winning square is 6_8.

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Best 5 – The scoring in this game type consists of combining your best 5 scores out of the 8 players selected. If a fantasy player does not have 5 players to make the cut, we eliminate them.
So, you should have 5 scores in order to have a chance to win.

Final Score example:

Tiger Woods: -5
Phil Mickelson: 0
Jordan Spieth: -2
Ian Poulter: -3
Jason Day: -4
Adam Scott: 5
Henrik Stenson: 3
Bubba Watson: 2

So the lowest 5 scores in this example are the first 5. So the total score will be -14. User with the lowest score in this game type is a winner.  So after the 2nd round, let’s say that Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Henrik Stenson and Bubba Watson all missed the cut. In this case your entry will be eliminated or you just won’t have any chances to win.


Live Draft – this is the ability for a league manager to specify a time when all members of that league can log in and draft their team. They will all enter a virtual “draft room” where the draft will take place. The default draft rules is a snake draft. This means that the person that gets the first pick in the first round gets the last pick in the second round. So if there are 10 people in a league, let’s say team 1 drafts 1st, team 2 draft second and so on to team 10, who drafts 10th. Team 10 then also gets the 11th pick (the 1st pick of the second round), team 9 gets the 12 pick, team 8 gets the 13th pick and so on to the 20th pick which is back with team 1. Team 1 then gets the first pick of the 3rd round (the 21st overall pick) and the draft snakes back towards team 10.
The draft order is determined randomly by the website once the league is finalized.
When drafting, each team have 2 minutes by default to make their pick once the previous person has made their pick. If they fail to make their pick within 2 minutes a selection of the highest ranked remaining player will be automatically made for them.

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Pick’em Against Money Line – In this game type a team is given a value like 1.3 or 1.5 etc. Almost like an odd, but each team is given a money line value. If you pick the correct team, then the value is added towards your fantasy points. Player that has has the most fantasy points at the end of the contest – wins.

Golf Skin – in this game type total bet will be increased by $1 for every player selected. User can choose the players and show it as “Your Players Selected” (instead of “Your lineup” that is used in all other game types). Below is The Skin Game logic:

A User (bettor) can choose one or many players, you have that player for all 18 holes of that round.
If a player that you have chosen has the lowest score on any hole in that round you win a skin.
If no bet on the player has the lowest score then no one wins a skin.
You have 18 chances to win per round per player chosen. At the end of the 18 holes the total number of skins won by all (users) bettors is added up, users (bettors) can win more than one skin.

E.x. if there are 18 bettors who won a skin, and there is $200 total bet the 18 bettors would receive 40% of the total amount bet ($200) divided by 40%
or $200 times 40% = $80 $80 divided by 18 wins $4.45 per win (skin)
some players (bettors) may have more the one winner (skin) they will receive $4.45 time the number of skins that they won.

Mike won 4 skins winnings 4 x $4.45 = $17.80
Donna won 8 skins winnings 8 x $4.45 = $35.60
Ron won 1 skin winnings 1 x $4.45 = $4.45
Mark won 3 skins winnings 3 x $4.45 = $13.35
Stan won 2 skins winnings 2 x $4.45 = $8.90

In the event of no skins are won, then the total amount wagered will belong to the owner of the business.
Then the process starts over on the 2nd day of the tournament, then the 3rd and 4th day following the same format.

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