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Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Theme for WordPress

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Buy now for only a ONE time fee of $147 usd.  

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Fantasy Sportsbook

This is another Victorious Club Fantasy Sports exclusive game type. This game type simulates sportsbook betting but in fantasy format. Participants of the contest get $1000 of play money to make bets with.

Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Sportsbook Game Type

Fantasy Pick’em

Participants earn points by predicting the Victor of each game. There are no spreads in this game type. Simple select who will win the game out right. Earn points for each correct selection. The user with the most points wins!

Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Pick 'em Game Type

Player Draft

This game type is the traditional Fantasy Sports game type. This game is based on the individual player performance. Participants select individual players, ( could be based on a salary or not) and create a roster. Participants earn points as the player they pick perform during the game. this game type allows users to buy players from the list and draft a team. After it’s done user may compete with other users and their teams. Team with the most points at the end of the contest wins.

Victorious Club Fantasy Pick Page
Victorious Club Fantasy Sports Ultimate Pick Em Game Type

Fantasy Ultimate Pick’em

This is a Victorious Club Fantasy Sports exclusive game type. In this game type participants of the contest need to select 3 things.

1) Who will win out right

2) Who will win against the spread

3) Predict the Over/Under

Users get points for each correct prediction. The user with the most points at the end of the contest is declared the winner.

Buy now for only a ONE time fee of $147 usd.  

Get free updates and upgrades!

All-in-one Fantasy Sports Software System

East to use user interface

Our interface is designed with a modern aesthetic that combines sleek visuals with intuitive navigation, making it incredibly easy to use. Every feature, from team management to live score tracking, is just a few clicks away, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience that keeps players coming back for more.

Victorious Club Create Contest Page

Support for sports and non-sports too

From NFL Fantasy, Soccer Fantasy to E-Sports Fantasy, Stocks Fantasy, Crypto Currency Fantasy and even Politics Fantasy.

Reality TV Fantasy

Political Fantasy

Stock Fantasy

Victorious Club

Fan Engagement

Muti Currency Support

Players can have multiple currency balances. For crypto currency, euro, dollar, yuen, silver pound and even custom currencies.

Multi platform availability

Use it as a desktop website, mobile website or native mobile application ensuring high availability.

Massive scalability

Ability to handle massive number of concurrent users and provide seamless experience to all.

Buy now for only a ONE time fee of $147 usd.  

Get free updates and upgrades!