Stock Market Fantasy Software

Our developers can build a feature-rich stock market fantasy software for you that offers real-time stock trading experience. Delight tech savvy millennials and GenZ with gamification. Meet them where they are, in a fun and engaging way.

Some of the world’s leading brands have trusted us with sports fantasy. We are now delighted to present Stock Fantasy on our platform.

Why should you invest in developing a stock market fantasy application and website?

If you are looking to add game developers to your team we can help you build real money or engagement games. Take a look at some of the games we’ve built

Businesses that invest in learning and gamification are far more likely to get their customers to use their products than those that do not.

Augment your fan base. Bring more people into the investment fold. Our stock fantasy software eliminates the risk of monetary loss and encourages the otherwise cynical generation of millennials to start investing. Make financial literacy simple, fun, and engaging.

Implement cost-effective strategies that drive high engagement and unlock potential revenue opportunities.

Global fantasy sports market is expected to reach $38.6 billion by 2025. Be a part of this compelling growth story with our stock fantasy software.

How can you make the most out of our White Label Stock Market Software?


Start your own Real Money Stock Fantasy Business

Our white label software can easily be set up as a daily stock fantasy business that accepts real money. It can be configured for any sport with any currency to equip your platform with advanced capabilities.


Customize or build your own fantasy platform

A complete custom stock fantasy platform development based on your requirement. Our platform supports multiple game types and can also be integrated with your current platform.


Gamify reinforcement learning with quiz and trivia

A stock market fantasy game with features like trivia and quiz for learners new to stock market trading. Players progress through levels from new to pro upon completion of lesson plans.

Brands that have made the most of our stock fantasy software

A daily stock fantasy sports game that delivers a true trading experience. Users build a portfolio and take buy or sell positions on stocks. They select one core and one satellite stock in the portfolio which fetch them 2x and 1.5x returns respectively.

A daily stock fantasy sports app that involves trading on a particular lot size. Users can build a portfolio and enjoy the game. They can select a core stock for 2x returns.

How does our fantasy stock market software work?

Create a Portfolio by selecting stocks and taking Buy or Sell Positions

Choose a contest and enter with your portfolio

The daily fantasy game works from beginning to end of a trading day

The portfolio with the maximum return wins

Features that deliver a new age fantasy sports experience

A seamless fantasy cricket software


Users can view a list of all the daily, weekly and monthly contests.

Contest details

Users are able to view all the live and upcoming contests they have joined.

Contest details

Users are able to view all the live and upcoming contests they have joined.

Create portfolio

Users are able to view the list of stocks and can select the stocks to buy /sell.


Users can see the results of completed contests with all the details.

Stock cards

A comprehensive tool where users can view detailed data of each stock. Stock cards enable users to have access to daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly performance graphs of stocks. From yearly performance, last closing price to current day lowest and highest price of the stocks, stock cards provide an exhaustive view. Users can also update the portfolio by trading from the stock card.

Select core & satellite stock

Users can select a core and a satellite stock to earn 2x and 1.5x points respectively.

Private contest

Users can create a private contest by entering details like contest name, entry fees, pool prize, and more.


Users can add stocks in the watchlist to keep a track of stocks they want to buy/sell.

Banned states

We have introduced the “Banned States” feature to prevent users from these states from adding cash or participating in money contests.

Ensure compliance and manage your gaming business effortlessly

Automated KYC

Simplify compliance without slowing down transactions or damaging customer relationships with automated KYC validation performed with the help of 3rd party integrations.

Automated withdrawals

Nudge your users in the right direction with clear coach marks. With integrated banking API’s you can now perform instant transactions on approving withdrawal requests of your users without any hassle.

Powerful admin panel

All new admin panel empowers you to manage everything - marketing, finance, daily operations, sponsorships and even reporting.

Admin dashboard

For a quick snapshot of everything happening on your platform

Communication dashboard

Send amazing push notifications, SMS, emails to all your users or a group of users. Communication dashboard is a user-friendly retention tool.

Merchandise management

Admin can add various merchandise that gets reflected on prize distribution screens of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Free-to-play game types.

Tax reports and invoicing

In order to follow all the tax requirements, our software provides you a clear idea about your income details, tax liability, or eligibility for a refund, to ensure proper credit flow.

Regular updates

Our white label software is developed with scale and future in mind, with a cycle of continuous iterative improvement.

Our fantasy software is being used to provide immersive experience in the areas of"