All Star – Turn Key Solution

Original price was: $5,997.00.Current price is: $5,497.00.

Introducing the All Star Package – our most comprehensive fantasy sports solution. It includes everything from the Pro package, with all premium features, free updates to these features, and added functionalities like a Coupon and Affiliate plugin. Ideal for brands aiming for the pinnacle of fantasy sports engagement.


Welcome to the All Star Package, the ultimate offering in our Fantasy Sports Platform series. This package is designed for brands and organizations that demand the highest level of customization, functionality, and user engagement in their fantasy sports experience.

What's Included in the All Star Package:

  • All Pro Package Features: Get everything included in the Pro package, such as custom layout modifications, advanced security setup, and access to initial premium features.
  • Full Suite of Premium Features: Unlock the full range of our premium features, offering unparalleled functionality and engagement opportunities on your platform.
  • Continuous Premium Feature Updates: Stay ahead of the game with free updates to all premium features, ensuring your platform remains cutting-edge and competitive.
  • Coupon Plug-in: Engage and retain users with the ability to offer coupons, enhancing marketing capabilities and user incentives.
  • Affiliate Plug-in: Expand your reach and monetize your platform with our sophisticated Affiliate plugin, allowing for effective partnership and referral programs.

Why Choose the All Star Package?

  • Unmatched Customization and Features: With the full suite of premium features and continuous updates, your platform will always be at the forefront of fantasy sports technology.
  • Enhanced User Engagement Tools: The inclusion of Coupon and Affiliate plugins opens new avenues for marketing, user retention, and revenue generation.
  • Robust and Secure Platform: Inherit the advanced security measures from the Pro package, ensuring a safe and reliable environment for your users.
  • Dedicated Support and Evolution: Benefit from our ongoing support and commitment to evolving your platform alongside the latest trends in fantasy sports.

The All Star Package is more than just a product; it's a comprehensive solution for brands seeking to dominate the fantasy sports market with a top-tier, feature-rich platform.