Gold – Turn Key Solution


Everything the Rookie package offers
Layout Modification to match your brand
Security Plug-in and set up

We understand not everyone is technical enough to use WordPress. That’s why we are proud to offer our white label / private label – Turn Key solution. With our White Label Fantasy Sports Platform we can build and run a branded Fantasy Sports website for your brand. We offer professional services to companies, agencies and sports organizations to build engaging fantasy sports sites. We’ve got a powerful, flexible fantasy platform which our experienced team uses to create engaging fantasy sports websites for you. Its that easy. provides clients and sports fans with white label and private label interactive fantasy games and contests. All games are fully customizable, and are branded to your look-and-feel.

We also provide a grassroots fantasy sports service which enables sports clubs, leagues and schools to run fantasy sports games based on their own teams, players and results.

With live data feeds for all the major sports, our platform and extremely easy-to-play style makes it easy for our clients to keep coming back.

Turn Key Solution
Includes base plug-in
Automation Ready – Just add data feeds
Standard built template
Add your logo/colors
PayPal and Social Media integration
Free Upgrades/Updates to base features



Everything the Pro package offers
Upgraded Premium Plug-in
Free Updates to Premium features
WordPress Social Login
Coupon Plug-in
Affiliate Plug-in

Default Landing Page
* Once logged in, this is the page on which the user will land.
* On this landing page, a prominent portion will be allotted to the “Game Lobby” and “Featured
Game” section.
* The Game Lobby will be a highly advanced yet elegantly designed and easy to use function which
will allow the users to pick and choose the game they want to play.
* The lobby will be divided in 2 sections as listed:
* Game Selection Filters: This half of the lobby will have very well defined filters based on
which the user will be able to locate/find a game of their liking and part take in it. The
filters will consist of functions like League Selection, Sport, Entry Fee, Size of Pool, etc
* Game List Half: This half of the lobby will automatically show the games available as per
the users preferences as set in the first half of the lobby. This list will keep changing in real
time in order to show the exact game type that the user is looking for.
* The landing page will also have links to various sections related to the users. These sections will
provide the user with their own relevant information. These sections are:

* My Live Games: This section will have a list of all the games the user is involved in. This section
updates automatically so the user can watch this screen during a live event and watch
themselves climb the leader-board in Real Time.
* My Upcoming Games: This section will have a list of all the games the user will be
involved in.
* My History Games: This section will have a list of all the games the was
involved in. This section will act as a historical archive in regards to the users gaming
history. All the games that the user has participated in the past will be available in a list
format with detailed game records (Winners, Points, etc...). This is the ONLY section which
will list the private game history.
* My Account: This is the financial center of the user account. This page will store all the
details related to the user’s financial history. Using a highly user friendly format of a Bank
Statement, this page will list out in details all the movements within a user’s financial
history on the application. This page will show the Total Cash available in the user’s
account as a SNAP SHOT. This page will also provide the users with an option to Deposit or
Withdraw amount for their account.
* My Profile: This is the account setting page for the user. All users can update their
personal details on this page. They can edit/change values like Password, Email ID,
Address, Profile Picture, Username, etc...
* Other pages such as Future Events,Withdrawal History, Transactions, Game Summary, My Funds,
Add Funds, Create Contest
Game Fees and Prizing Structure
* The application will have standard “Game Fees” structure, although the admin will be able to
create games with “FREE ENTRY” and assign awards (Cash and Non-Cash) against them.
* The admin will be able to assign the “Entry Fee” at the time of creating the game.
* Admin will be able to setup the “Prize” structure for the games.
* The application will support the following “Prize Structures” (Recommended):
* Position: Top 1, Top 3
* Percentage (Equal Distribution):
Multi Payout Feature can handle a tiered structure

Leadership Board
* An industry standard Leadership board will list all the winners by the rank.
* The leadership board will also allow users to view other contestants selections once a game is Live.
Game Setup
* The application will offer highly competitive “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” or “Yearly”
games to its users.
* Each game will be created with a combination of rules as desired by the admin.
* These rules will include selections such as:
* Duration of the game (Daily and/or Weekly).
* Entry Fees.
* Game Type (H2H, Multiuser League) – All with Salary Cap.
* Number of Users permitted (This could be a range from minimum 2 to Uncapped)
* Prize Structure (From the built in Prize Matrix).
* Editable Game Name.
* Clone Contest Feature
* To offer a complete solution to the users, the application will also allow users to create their own
games with a few standard set of rules. Disallow Front End Contests Feature can
be enabled.
* Users will be able to create these games as set them as “Public” or “Private”.
* Public games created by the users will show up on the game lobby and will be open for all to join.
* Private games will NOT show up in the lobby, the only way to join them would be via email invite.
* Users will be able to invite their friends to join the games by sending out invites and also by
sharing the game info on Social Media platforms.
Payment and Payouts
* The application will have a fully encrypted and secure payment system.
* Users will be able to deposit funds to their respective accounts by using “Credit Cards” and/or
* Optional** Affiliate System: As an affiliate program, users will be awarded
affiliate funds if they are able to get their friends to join the application.

* In order for user to withdraw funds, they will be able to do so either via PayPal and/or send out
“Live Check” request to the admin.
* Admin will need to approve all payouts in order to ensure fair trade.
* Admin will need to issue “Live Checks” and mail them to users if “Cheques” is the selected method.
Admin Section
* The application will have a highly detailed dedicated Back-End Admin panel available, which
they would be able to access via their unique credentials.
* Admins will have full control over the functioning of the application.
* Admins will be able to create games for the users based on their preference.
* Admins will be able to modify and/or update the “Player Roster” from which the users will create
their lineups.
* Admin will be able to modify and/or change a player’s salary information on weekly basis,
although, the application will come with a unique in-built algorithm which will do this on its own.
* Admin will have full control over the games available for selection.
* Admin will have access to Payout Notifications.
* Admin can monitor users.
* For all games (Admin created and User Created), in case the game is NOT FULL, the application will
refund the funds back to the users.
* The application will have an “Contest Clone Feature”, which will allow the
application to create games automatically every week based on the admin’s preference .
Admin Reporting
* Admin will have full access to “Event Statistcs” under which the admin will be able to generate
reports, such as:
* Total number of users on the application.
* Total Money Paid by each user.
* Total revenue earned by the application.
* Admin will be able manage user credits (Add/Remove credits).
* Admin will be able manage withdrals (Approve/Deny).

Game Type and Sports
* In order to offer a complete solution, the application will be capable of supporting all the major
Sports and Leagues from across the globe.
* The Leagues and Sports supported by the application as recommended are:
* American Sports: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS.
* Other Sports (Recommended): European Soccer (EPL, La Liga and UEFA Champions League)
* The order in which the leagues/sports need to be integrated will depend on the Start date of the
said league and the total time needed to integrate it.
* All other leagues/sports can be added based on a pre-decided schedule and with a separate cost
* The application will offer standard “Daily” format to its users.
* Under these formats, users will need to create and submit a fixed lineup (will change depending
on the Sport and/or League) consisting of actual players.
* Each user will start with a Fixed amount (Salary Cap or limited feature), in which they need to
submit their lineups.
* The lineup structure and scoring logic can be customized by the client.
My Team and Team Draft
* Once the user has paid the entry fee and joined a game, they will need to submit a lineup in order to
* Users will be able to create their lineups from the list of available players (Player Roster).
* Each Sport and/or League will have its own unique line up structure.
* These lineup structures needed to be programmed at the time of core development and can
change through back-end customization.
* While creating the lineup, user will have access to all the relevant player information which will help
them in creating the best and most competitive lineup.
* We will offer a standard view of Lineup page as listed:
* Standard Table View: This is the most common format currently in the market. The player lineup will be placed on one side of the page, whereas the user selection roster on the other.
Users will be able to pick players and add them on their lineup.
Player Card
* The application will come with a unique “Player Card” feature.
* This player card will show all the relevant information about the player as listed below:
* Player’s Actual Stats (Historical and Current Season)
* Player‘s Fantasy Stats (Current).
* Player related news and details
Optional** Promo Code Module
* Admin controlled detailed Promo Code module.
* Admin will be able to generate unique promo codes as per their preference.
* Automated tracking of commission payout for each promo code.
Data Feeds and Payment Gateways
* All Data Feed Integration will be done at a pre-determined hourly rate in addition to the overall
cost of the application.
* Data Feed Providers can be utilized via or the client can choose one based on their
* The scoring logic will depend on the type of data available and is subjected to change.
* Payment Integration can be done via any available Payment Gateway.
* All Payment Gateway integrations will be done at a pre-determined hourly rate in addition to the
overall cost of the application (With the exception of PayPal).