Are you a rabid sports fan?

 Well there are a billion others too!!

Do you get pumped at the thought of player stats and score averages?

 Well you're not alone.

 And now YOU have the opportunity to build, own and run your own fantasy sports site. 

Victorious Club Fantasy Sports is the creator of the world leading WordPress plug-in,

that allows even the layman to build and develop a sports betting website. You don't have to know a single keystroke of coding.

It's all taken care of.

If you can send an email. You can CREATE your own fantasy sports website.

 As sports lovers and passionate gamers, we have all been there, we go visit a sports betting site or a fantasy sports forum. The big boys like FanDuel or Draft Street for instance, and we end up thinking that we could do it better.

You follow your NFL,NBA or NHL teams, soccer players and MMA figthers, you compare stats and wage war against opposing teams. But in the back of your mind. There is an inkling of something better, something greater. There is within you a formidable force.

 And we call it....

FREEDOM do things your way

 The freedom to do as you see fit, with a website that is all your own. It's something you have yearned for. As you have while away the hours pouring over other fantasy sports websites that little voice says...


 And you know what......?

 You're probably right!


Everyone has a creative streak and wants to be in control. That's a general human trait. And as a keen sports betting fan it must REALLY rub you up the wrong way seeing how things are done some times.

If you have ever stood in front of your TV and yelled at the referee because of a bad decision......


If you have ever shook your head at the news headlines. As your teams manager is making a mess of your pride and joy.


Let me be frank. No bull. No sales talk.

Owning something like a sports betting website is a thrill. Right?

You see people on Facebook raving about how they trounced the Seahawks last week.

Or they bet big on their team last Sunday on RotoWorld and scored big time.

Now..... STOP for a second.

Imagine that these guys were talking about YOUR website.

That you had created this epic magnificent religious hall to sports.

( I guess that would make you the Pope )

Wouldn't it be AWESOME to own that?

To have that?

To taste that?

To see that every day when you fire up your laptop.

We offer a two fold solution to this feeling you have. This need...

We can supply the source code for you to build and fully operate a perfect fantasy sports or sports betting website. That means all the code you need to go away and start tinkering around and throwing your site up. We can offer you that.

You might be....

.... just a click away from a D.I.Y solution.

...........or we can build one for you.

Yes you heard that right. We are offering to build you a sports betting website from the ground up. Completely personal and customized.

You have total control. We just do all the tedious head scratching stuff!


Now.... we know that there are other out-of-the-box solutions available. I mean we probably even built half of them along the way. But ours is the real deal. The unique article.

And let us be honest. Coding this from scratch EVEN if you are a PHPFox wizard will take you months.

In fact the code is so intricate and subtle it might not even be possibly to get another company to produce the same results. So not only are you saving money because our offer is WAY below ballpark for an amazing turnkey solution like this.

You are also saving time. You are saving weeks of headaches and cold coffee.


As with all new things in life it pays to get off to a running start. The most efficient way to get going with anything is to have a helping hand. We are your RIGHT hand all the way.

We take you through the entire process. From purchasing the fantasy sports site you need.

To registering the domain name (for example ).

And even the graphics and branding of the site.

In fact all you have to do is click order.

Answer a few simple questions.

And chill out until your website is up and running.

Sometimes in a matter of days.

Then you have your OWN fantasy sports betting website to play with and make profit from if you choose. You can invite all your Facebook buddies to come down and hang out.

Play some games.

Win a few.

Lose a few. (depending on how well you know your game!)

And sit back in the knowledge that you have created something that’s all yours.


As with all internet based ventures. The opportunity to earn serious bank is there too. From advertising to Amazon affiliate sales. These little profit streams from rabid sports fans can soon mount up

Case Study: Noah Kagan is the founder of App Sumo. It's basically an app bulk buying service with a discount. You get a few Adobe apps or Microsoft apps bundled together for a vastly cheaper price than buying them separately. Anyway.... before that he ran a games company. He would build an NHL game for iPhone. Give it away free and get as many players as he could to join. But...... under all the teams was a link to his Amazon Affiliate account. The players could play for free. But if it was a team they loved, they could click the jersey icon and go to Amazon and buy team related merchandise. Just a little button under each team.

He made over sixty-thousand-dollars per month doing that!

Now I'm not saying YOU will do that of course. You have to be honest with this kind of thing. You can't go making wild claims that people will be a millionaire in a few weeks.

But you see the possibility right?

Just placing advertising on your site and affiliate commission links, can sure add up.

And the best part is, sports betting fans or fans of fantasy sport games.... are usually the most rabid buyers. Some people will just buy ANYTHING that has their team colours on it.

This is such a sweet moment when you think about it. Hundreds if not thousands of eager sports betting fans looking for an excuse to buy a Lakers beanie hat for $10.

Now multiply that by a few thousand Lakers beanie hats. And add the fact that you are making a small commission off every sale....

Do we need to say more....?

We have helped build hundreds of similar sites all across the world. Each of them making their owner very happy. Every day our customers log into their sports betting site and starting having fun. Making money. And more importantly.......


With all the furore lately in the news about sports personalities getting paid too much. Or getting into trouble with the law. It takes passionate and tireless guys like you to keep the flame burning. Having your own hub for sports fans all over the planet to come and talk about your hobby. Is as rewarding as any money making idea you might have for the site.


When you order your website from us. We set our team to it and get building your future fantasy sports sandbox right away.

You Will Get:

Your own fantasy sports betting website fully built in WordPress and published to the internet.

Your own domain name. As long as the domain name you want is publicly available you can have what ever you want.

Full control over the look of the site. The graphics and headers and logo are all changeable and we can custom build them to suit your taste.

You can invite other users to come and bet on your site.

You can buy e-currency and play against other users.

Play head-to-head or multi person contests.

Create your own contests and invite your friends.

Peer to peer play for one on one gaming.

You decide whether to charge for entry or not.

A complete admin panel for you to control how your game is presented to your users.

Full automation for stats keeping and gathering.

It's a full automated system.

Once set up it's a set and forget system. You pay your monthly fee

and the whole system runs by itself.

No other product exists right now as a plug-in for Word Press or PHPFOX.

Game Types:

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts based games

NFL based games.

MLB based games.

NBA based games.

NHL based games.

Soccer based games.

Paypal and Bitcoin compatible.

You get all this and more in your own custom built website that you can use for fun or profit. And all this amazing value will cost you just (insert price).

If you set that price against the cost of building this yourself from scratch: you see the true value right there. And now you also see that this kind of project is not beyond your reach.

You can have this......but!!


Now let's get something straight. We can't offer this amazing package for very long at this price. I mean we would be swept off our feet if we did.

If you don't purchase right away you will lose out on the biggest chance you will ever get. As a sports fan you can't throw away the chance to own a slice of fantasy sport betting history.

You could be the next RotoWorld or FanDuel.

All you need is a passion for the game and a website upon which to build your fantasy sport betting empire. And right here right now: we are offering that website for an amazingly small fee.

We guarantee you will love your new site. In fact if you don’t we will refund you and happily take your site elsewhere. There are hundreds of hungry sports fans waiting to buy something like this. A slice of the pie.

But we cannot service them all. There are only so many hours in the day so once your spot is taken it's taken.



That dream you had. That yearning and need inside. The times you have logged onto other peoples websites: and kinda wished you had one too. That dream is a click away. Within minutes of taking action and clicking that BUY button your life will be changed forever.

All those sports stories and anecdotes you share at your local bar. Will have a new meaning. You will be part of something greater than the sum of its parts. To some it may seem like another website. A place for basketball fans to hang out and talk about the latest game.

A home for NFL freaks who endlessly bet on their team no matter how bad the odds are.

Guys and girls who........a single match point can mean the difference between glory and misery.


We know different....

We know that this website will be the starting point to something bigger and better in your life. Something that can earn you cold hard cash. A website you own.

And is maintained for you.

This single moment.... where sport meets passion and commerce. Is where the magic happens.

Imagine where you could be in a years time if you invest as much effort in growing your own sports betting site: as you do playing on others.

This is a limitless offer....

You can take your site ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP...

All you do is play...

And it's the best kind of game of all... a game where you always win.

So buy your site today.

Glory awaits the brave......

P.S – Remember.....if you can send an email. That's all the technical skill you need.

You can start your own site today!

What are you waiting for?

Now is your chance to make money on the biggest sports niche around


60-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.